Scott Clark

Owner and founder

Photography has been my passion since I was a teenager. Through the years after college, I was fortunate enough to work alongside some amazing photographers such as Nick Vedros, Ron Berg, Annie Leibovitz, and Steven Klein. They instilled a work ethic and dedication to my craft and love for photography. It wasn’t until after I married my wife Jillian, of 100 Layer Cake, that I took notice of the wedding industry. For ten years now, I’ve been traveling the globe documenting the lives of couples, families, and friends, and telling their stories through my lens.

To me, wedding photography is not only about capturing the day, it’s also about making a personal connection with each couple. By getting to know my couples through telephone calls, video conferences, or meeting in person, I’m able to get a sense of their individual styles. My goal is to make the couples feel comfortable and at ease on what will be one of the most joyous days of their lives.

Lorena Caro

Associate Photographer

To create something out of nothing has always given me the most satisfaction. My story with Photography starts with Art. Art has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve explored many of its forms, from drawing and painting to animation and cinema. It was until I arrived to the United States when I had the opportunity to really dig into Photography… And then I was hooked. Photography gave me an inexplicable joy and connection to the present moment that I get to experience again and again to this date. I can say I found my passion and it gives me a huge satisfaction to share it with the world.

I find Photography a medium to evoke feelings that go beyond the shell. I like to consider myself as an enabler for good moments. More than a photoshoot, I create a fun human experience allowing my clients to show up as they are, no judgements, just humanity in its raw, vulnerable and beautiful form. No matter what I’m photographing, I always put my heart and soul to it.

jules slutsky

Associate Photographer

Some of my earliest memories are of my father developing film in our bathtub, red light peaking through the door. He would set up slide projections in the living room for his friends and play Pink Floyd in the background, Pink Floyd still makes me nostalgic.

I’ve always been an artist, painting and drawing ever since I was a child. I started dabbling in photography in high school where we were fortunate enough to have a darkroom. I rediscovered it

with a passion in college and found the medium I was meant to work in, graduating with a degree in Fine Art photography.

It brings me enormous joy to capture the authentic and spontaneous moments in people’s lives. I like

to think of myself as an observer and facilitator of a positive space during shoots, keeping an open mind to let things unfold naturally.

jillian clark

Creative Director

Fifteen years ago Jillian began her career in graphic design at the largest greeting card company in the U.S., Hallmark. She later designed for Gap Inc. and for a leading cosmetics company, Bare Escentuals. The common thread of these corporations was their primary target audience: Women.

This experience has led her to design in multiple landscapes such as trade shows, in-store graphics and packaging for consumer products.

In 2009 Jillian, co-founded 100 Later Cake, a popular destination for couples looking for wedding artist, inspiration, and thoughtfully curated content. In 2020, she left the company to work at home to focus on her busy boys and work with our team!

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